Why Replayer?

Replayer is the simplest audio player for any practicing musician

Slow down music without changing pitch. High quality audio engine preserves sound clarity.

Zoom in and isolate selected parts of the song. Focus on the harder passages to finally get that solo right.

Enable automatic looping for the entire song or selected parts.

Simple user interface and one-handed keyboard shortcuts make for effortless practice.

Slow down

Use a simple slider to control playback speed between 25% and 175% of the original.

Tune in

Adapt to different tunings with the pitch slider. Available range is -2 to +2 semitones.


Zoom in with mouse scroll and focus on interesting part with movable range markers.


Toogle automatic looping at any time for a hands-free practice session.

Download now

Replayer 1.1.4
Available now in the Mac App Store